get-meteoalarm-warning-inc.php - V3.13 - 21-Jun-2022

Configuration needed:
The EMMA_ID(s) are not specified in Settings.php $SITE['EUwarnings'] entry.
Use the meteoalarm map to locate the EMMA_ID for your area, and put it in the Settings.php $SITE['EUwarnings'] entry.
You may use more than one EMMA_ID if you like. Just separate them with a comma (,) like

$SITE['EUwarnings'] = 'DK002,DK004,DK005';

You may use more than one country's EMMA_ID, but be aware that each country specified will increase the delay in page loading due to data access.

You must also include in Settings.php:

$SITE['useMeteoalarm'] = true;

to activate the displays in both wxindex.php and wxadvisory.php.

Note: the AW-forecast.php script requires an API keys from to operate.
Visit to register for an API key.
If you are uploading data to, you can get free API keys from here to use.

Opdateret: @ 23/08/2022 00:15 - næste opdatering kl. 00:20  
Oversigt / Temperatur Vind Regn Udsigt
Nat, Tørt Nat, Tørt
Nu: 18.2, Max: 18.2, Min: 18.2 18.2°C
Koldere 0.5°C end sidste time.


Føles som: 18°C

24-timers forskel
-1.4°CKoldere 1.4°C end sidste 24 timer.
  I dag I går
Max: 18.2°C
Min: 18.2°C
 Vind retning V V
2.2 m/s
1 Bft - Light Breeze
I dag: 2.2 m/s 00:01
Denne måned: 12.0 m/s August 21
Regn i dag: 0 mm
Regn rate (/hr): 0 mm
Regn igår: 7.8 mm
Storm regn: 0 mm
Denne måned: 8 mm
Denne sæson: 8 mm
1 regndage i August.
Fugtighed & Barometer Almanak Månen
Fugtighed: 65 % Tiltaget med 1.0% siden sidst time.
Dugpunkt: 11.5°C Aftaget med 0.2°C siden sidst time.
Barometer: 101.9 hPa  
Tryk tendens: Stabil
Solopgang: 07:59
Solnedgang: 20:06
Månen op: 04:05
Månen ned: 16:29
Waning Crescent, Moon at 25 days in cycle
UV Index Solenergi
   0.0    Nul
Max: -1.0 @ 01:00
0 W/m2 (0 %)
Max: -1 @  01:00
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